Garden Design for Year Round Interest

November 20, 2018: Nancy Moore

Nancy has had a life-long love of plants and gardening, and feels extremely fortunate to be able to make a living doing what she loves.

After graduating in landscape design/horticulture, Nancy was involved in many aspects of this field, including being the horticulturist for a parks department, teaching landscape design and horticulture at the University of the Fraser Valley, and running her own landscape design/consulting business.

Nancy recently retired from most of her commitments, but still enjoys teaching the Master Gardeners at VanDusen Botanical Gardens, and giving gardening talks to various organizations.

Nancy Moore Garden Design for Year Round Interest
Amanda Jarrett Common Garden Mistakes

Common Garden Mistakes

October 16, 2018: Amanda Jarrett

Originally from England, Amanda Jarrett is a SOUL (Society of Organic Urban Land Care) certified Organic Land Care Professional and has her Red Seal in Horticulture. Amanda is a freelance garden writer and photographer as well as an author of Ornamental Tropical Shrubs (2003).

Amanda recently retired from her position as coordinator and instructor for the Residential Landscape Technician Diploma at Douglas College, Organic Master Gardener and the Ecological Landscape Design programs at Langara College.

Amanda’s Garden Consulting Company, offers advice to home gardeners and professionals. Her garden website: The Garden Website.com, https://www.thegardenwebsite.com/, features informative articles and pictures on gardening methods, lawn care, propagation, soil care and much more.

Maximize Your Harvest

September 18, 2018: Laurelle Oldford-Downs

Grow your own delicious, organic fruit, even in small spaces or containers! Taste unique apple varieties and learn how to select, establish and maximize your fruit harvest from a passionate and knowledgable pomologist and local apple expert.

Laurelle is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker. Her popular workshops include growing trees in containers, planting caring for fruit trees, dealing with pests and diseases organically, increasing fruit size through thinning and managing fruit loads, and grafting. She is a member of the BC Fruit Testers Association. On her small fruit orchard in Langley, home to over 120 heritage apple trees, she grafts heritage and connoisseur apples. She has been teaching home gardeners how to establish, train, and be successful maintaining their fruit trees for many years at VanDusen Gardens and UBC Apple Fest.

Fruit trees is not her only strength, as a Certified Landscape Designer and Horticulturist Laurelle has owned and operated her own design and build company with has a reputation for unusual and choice residential gardens for keen gardeners from White Rock to North Vancouver. Three of her gardens have been featured in municipal garden tours.

Laurelle writes articles for clubs and Art's Nursery website, is a sought-after speaker, and often rebooked by popular demand, by clubs on Bowen Island, North Van and in the valley. She's presented a few novelty workshops at Art's Nursery in Langley, like the Scary Fairy Garden.

Oldford-Down loves playing in her gardens and sharing her enthusiasm with all gardeners.

Brian Minter Fruit Trees

Gardening Dangerously: Cultivating Carnivorous Plants

June 19, 2018: Chris Janko

Chris Janko will guide you through the perils of GARDENING DANGEROUSLY: Mastering growing carnivorous plants and other botanical bad-boys.

Discover plants of religious influence and other plants that could… be your last….!

Chris has been featured on CTV Live, Global News, presented at many BC Garden Clubs and Garden Centres, at the BC Home + Garden Show, and he has been in the Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, and Montreal Gazette, in Steve Whysall's gardening column and blog.

Chris is from Morgan Creek Tropicals, growers for Ikea and other fine garden centres in Canada.

You can follow him on Instagram @greenmangardens or on his blog https://equatorialliving.wordpress.com/

Chris Janko

The Evolution of Hostas and Daylilies in Our Garden

May 15, 2018: Pam Erikson, Erikson Daylily Gardens and Perennials

Pam Erikson is an award-winning daylily hybridizer, photographer, instructor and lecturer from Langley, B.C. Canada. In 1991, Pam became the first American Hemerocallis Society judge in Canada. Also in 1991, Pam started the first Canadian daylily club in the country in affiliation with the AHS and is still its President to this day.

Pam and her family invite gardeners from around the world to tour the gardens in July at peak bloom time and are members of the Circle Farm Tour program through Tourism Langley; and were the first official daylily display garden in Canada sanctioned by both the American Hemerocallis Society and the Canadian Daylily Society.

The one-acre display garden has seen bus tours from Australia, Japan, England and the United States – in addition to thousands of local gardening enthusiasts and several gardening television and radio shows from around the country. The gardens now contain over 3,000 varieties of daylilies and lilies; over 600 varieties of hostas and hundreds of other specimen trees and perennials.

Pam travels extensively in the fall and winter months, giving presentations to introduce new gardeners to her favourite plants and traveling to many destinations to acquire new and rare varieties! She has also been involved in event planning for many years in her capacity as Vice-President of the Canadian Daylily Society, Vice-President of the Annual Canadian American Daylily Symposium in Niagara Falls each March, Regional President of AHS Region 8 for Washington and Oregon and was Chair of the VanDusen Flower and Garden Show in Vancouver for many years.

Erikson Day Lily Garden

In recent years, Pam has collaborated on several books dedicated to daylilies; was a contributing author to ‘A Grower’s Choice’ (Raincoast Books 2001); is a member of the Garden Writers of America and writes regularly for numerous publications across North America, as well as being the Editor of the Pacific Daylily – a bi-annual publication for AHS Region 8; garden columnist for the Langley Advance newspaper; is a director on several community horticultural and agricultural committees, societies and clubs. She makes yearly appearances on local radio and television shows to continue the promotion of her favourite plant. Pam was named Hybridizer of the Year by the Canadian Hemerocallis Society in 2005, and to date has introduced 82 new daylily cultivars to the world market, with hostas being added to the hybridizing program in recent years. Check out her web site: Click here

South Delta Garden Club

Hot New Plants: Cutting Edge Garden Plants for Cutting Edge Gardens

April 17, 2018: Gary Lewis, Phoenix Perennials

“Lewis has been wowing members of garden clubs in B.C. with his information-packed lectures. He has a knack for communicating his passion for plants and sharing his extensive knowledge without talking down to his audience. A talent.” – Steve Whysall, Vancouver Sun

Phoenix Perennials is among the first nurseries in Canada -- and even the world -- to offer new cultivars developed by the best international breeders. Gary will give you the inside track on recent new cutting edge garden plants and talk about where plant breeding is heading in the future. If you love new plants, you won’t want to miss this talk! Because of the fast pace of perennial breeding this talk is updated every year with a full turnover of plants every 2-3 years. From year to year it will never be the same!

hot plants

Creative Containers

March 20, 2018: Tammyanne Matson, Tammyanne Speciality Garden Design & Collaboration

“Be bold and only use the best plants. Aim to create a living still life and draw inspiration from all aspects of art, design and nature. Trust your intuition. And above all – have fun.”

Tammyanne will discuss her perspective on container gardening, teaching you how to create delightful displays to produce picture-perfect planters that cultivate moments and memories. She challenges common misconceptions about container gardening, reinforcing the importance of complementing and resonating with your space to create vistas and focal points. She will explore planters, window boxes, hanging baskets, green walls and choosing the right materials to help you achieve your desired results.

Tammyanne is an avid gardener and passionate landscape designer. She has travelled the world searching for artistic and horticultural inspiration. Beyond full landscape design and installation, Tammyanne designs and installs elegant planters at luxury, high-end homes throughout Vancouver and West Vancouver.

Plant Propagation and Seed Germination

February 20, 2018: Egan Davis, UBC Botanical Garden

A club favourite and renowned plantsman, Egan will share his vast knowledge and experience on the timely topic of propagation and germination. Always passionate, always engaged with his audiences, Egan's talk will be sure to inspire.Egan Davis is a Red Seal Horticulturalist who lives in Vancouver BC and works as the Chief Instructor of the Horticulture Training Program at UBC Botanical Garden. When he is not teaching, Egan keeps busy with his residential garden construction business. Previous gardens Egan has worked at have been VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Park & Tilford Gardens and the Mendel Floral Conservatory. Egan has been an active speaker at garden clubs, conferences and seminars. His outreach activities have also included television and radio segments on HGTV’s Gardening by the Yard, CKNW’s The Home Discovery Show and CBC’s North by Northwest. Egan loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking and botanizing on the weekends. He was born to be a gardener.

Creating a Successful Kitchen Garden Year Round

January 16, 2018: Kristin Crouch, Master Gardener

Adapted from a talk she gave at the 2017 Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle, Kristin will focus on how to grow food year round to become more sustainable in the garden. From site selection, planning your garden to knowing when to plant and harvest you will learn what you need to be a successful grower.

Kristin Crouch is passionate about growing and teaching. When she’s not busy in her garden she is sharing her knowledge through teaching classes, speaking engagements, writing articles for newspapers and magazines, or writing on her garden blog ‘ThatBloominGarden’.

Kristin holds a diploma in Horticulture from the University of Guelph and has been a Master Gardener with the Vancouver Master Gardeners Association for the last 26 years.

More impressive is her work within the community. She was president of the Ladner Community Garden Society for five years after establishing the garden in 2011 and helped start the Alexandra Neighbourhood House Community Garden and the Tsawwassen First Nation garden prototype in conjunction with Simon Fraser University. She was a garden coordinator for the Many Small Hands Children’s Garden, where she developed educational programming for elementary students.

Kristin has been teaching sustainable garden classes for the Corporation of Delta for the last three years and hosted the garden show, ‘That Bloomin’ Garden’ and ‘The Delta Gardener’ for ten years with Delta Cable Television.

Kristin lives on a half-acre property in Delta with her husband Jim. In 2015 they transformed their side garden into a kitchen garden where they were able to grow over 160 pounds of food. For Kristin, it’s all about learning and sharing her expertise.

Kitchen garden vegetables
Year round kitchen garden