Games for Gardeners

Games for Gardeners

For the answers, go to the very bottom of this page. For detail explanation about a question, search for the key word in the search box at the top (Search this site), under the heading "The South Delta Garden Club". Select the web page with the answer.

Word Play (Rearrange the letters to form names of herbaceous perennial plants)

(Hint: The name can be either the common or botanical name)

1. I P U E L N

2. N I C H U P S N O I W R O E L F

3. C A R A I S A D E N T T

4. E B E M B L A

5. L I E E M U N H U T U L E N M A A

Multiple Choice (Select the letter associated with the correct answer.)

1. What is B.C.’s official tree?

a) Pacific Dogwood

b) Garry Oak

c) Arbutus

d) Western Red Cedar

e) Douglas Fir

2. Worms will make compost in

a) 1-3 mo. b) 3-6 mo. c) 6-9 mo. d) 9-12 mo. e) 12-18 mo.

3. ‘Nativar’ is a contraction of ‘native cultivar’ and refers to flowers that have been selected from the original open-pollinated wild-type species. They have often been bred for

a) Bigger flowers

b) Different colours

c) Disease resistance

d) a + b

e) Any of the above and more

Are these statements TRUE or FALSE?

1. English Holly, Bachelor’s Buttons and Russian Olive are all invasive species in B.C.

True or False

For more information, search this site for key word "buttons".

2. Lawns need as little as 3 cm of water a week or 1 hour of rainfall or sprinkling per week.

True or False

3. Fill a bird feeder with niger seed to attract Northern Flickers, Downy Woodpeckers and American Robins to your backyard.

True or False

For more information, search this site for key word "niger".

4. Tossing apple cores onto grassy roadsides or in parks is okay since organics break down over short periods and feed wildlife.

True or False

5. A misshapen pear can be a clue that all of the necessary egg cells in the flower were not fertilized before it developed into a fruit and similarly, a squash flower that develops no squash can mean that an insect or insects did not pollinate it.

True or False

Games for Gardeners - Answer key

Word Play


True or False

Answers: 1) T 2) F 3) F 4) F 5) T

Multiple Choice

Answers: 1) d (See the B.C. Symbols) 2) d 3) e