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The South Delta Garden Club meets the third Tuesday* of the month in Ladner. Meetings include a guest speaker, show and share, door prize, raffles, refreshments and the sharing of information in a positive social environment with local gardener enthusiasts. 

Club activities include day tours, visits to garden club members gardens, workshops, work parties and fund raising events to support community projects, a summer picnic and Christmas party.   *No meeting in July, Aug & Dec.  Click  Find Us for location details

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March 20th Speaker

Creative Containers

Tammyanne Matthews

Doors open at 7:00 pm
Speaker begins at 7:30 pm

Guests and New Members Welcome

"Be bold and only use the best plants. Aim to create a living still life and draw inspiration from all aspects of art, design, and nature. Trust your intuition and above all - have fun."
South Delta Garden Club

Tammyanne will discuss her perspective on container gardening, teaching you how to create delightful displays to produce picture-perfect planters that cultivate moments and memories. 

She challenges common misconceptions about container gardening, reinforcing the importance of complementing and resonation with your space to create vistas and focal points. 

She will explore planters, window boxes, hanging baskets, green walls and choosing the right materials to help you achieve your desired results. 

About Tammyanne Matthews

Tammyanne Matthews is an avid gardener and passionate landscape designer. She has travelled the world searching for artistic and horticultural inspiration. 
South Delta Garden Club
Tammyanne designs and installs elegant planters at luxury, high-end homes throughout Vancouver and West Vancouver. 

Gardening Stuff

The Bees Need Your Help!!

Neonicotinoid pesticides are slowly killing bees. 75% of the world's honey is now contaminated with bee-killing pesticides.

Please educate yourself and make sure you are not part of the problem.

More Info

Save the bees

March Gardening

To Do list

By Angelika Hedley


General - Water esp. under eaves, evergreens if rainfall is low.

Compost un-rotted perennials and vegetation once bees and ladybugs have emerged from hibernation.



    - lettuce

    - cabbage

    - cauliflower


Sow grass seed after 20th.

Tie-up climbing roses, clematis, cane fruits.

Start tender annuals, tomatoes, strawberries, onions, chard, spinach, parsnips.


Prune roses when the forsythia blooms. 

Trim hedges.

Plant Health 

Trim hedges. 

Prepare ground and turn the vegetable patch. 

Top dress and fertilize annuals.

Top dress roses with nitrogen.

Top dress evergreens with compost.

Feed rhubarb ammonium sulphate or fish fertilizer. 

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February Meeting Recap

Egan Davis

Germination and Propagation 


Heather Fayers

One of our favourite speakers, Egan Davis shared his enthusiasm for seed starting in a green house. He recommends 3’ deep cedar boxes to minimize plastic waste. Always use sterilized soil, as pathogens take over in the green house environment. 

Egan Davis UBC

Tamp the growing media with a block and broadcast the seed on top with no covering to facilitate germination. 

Water from the bottom and do not let seeds sit below the rim of the pot or box as dead air grows mould. Transplant when the seedlings have two leaves. Let the media dry a little before tipping the box out. 

Pick out the best ones by the leaves - not stem and plant up to the stem up to the cotyledon to promote stability and root growth. Keep records of temperatures and dates for next time.

Cuttings respond to the humidity in the controlled environment, whether a green house or Kirsten’s milk jug or pop bottle enclosure. Use willow stems or rooting hormones to get your cuttings off to a good start. Cut below a node and sever large leaves in half. Start with easy plants like fuchsia, geranium, coleus, salvia and hydrangea.  You spend very little money with cuttings and you get more of a good thing. 

Happy growing - Heather Fayers