Our 2017 Garden Tour was a huge success and we are so proud to have been nominated and chosen as a finalist in the Delta Chamber of Commerce Hats Off to Excellence Award in the category of Special Events and Tourism!!!

Welcome To The South Delta Garden Club
Celebrating 65 Years in 2017

The South Delta Garden Club meets the third Tuesday* of the month in Ladner. Meetings include a guest speaker, show and share, door prize, raffles, refreshments and the sharing of information in a positive social environment with local gardener enthusiasts. 

Club activities include day tours, visits to garden club members gardens, workshops, work parties and fund raising events to support community projects, a summer picnic and Christmas party. 

*No meeting in July, Aug & Dec.              Click  Find Us for location details.                                                                                    Check out our FaceBook Page for the latest news.

Nov 21st Speaker

Tool Talk


The Bee Project

Doors open at 7

Speaker begins at 7:30. 

Guests and New Members Welcome

This month in lieu of a speaker, club members will bring in their favourite garden tools and share why they are their favourites and how they are best put to work. 

This open forum meeting is an excellent opportunity to learn from fellow gardeners. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and years of experience, club members can expect to come away with at least one or two tips or techniques they can use in their own gardens. 

Strategically timed to ensure the gardener-who-has-everything has something to put on their Christmas list, there will be a good selection of quality tools on the raffle table and door prize. 

The Bee Project Delta
The Bee Project

We will also have a short presentation by The Bee Project, a new local enterprise which will be of interest to anyone who is interested in  hosting hives in their gardens. 

Gardening Stuff

The Bees Need Your Help!!

Neonicotinoid pesticides are slowly killing bees. 75% of the world's honey is now contaminated with bee-killing pesticides.

PlSave the beesease educate yourself and make sure you are not part of the problem.

More Info

November Gardening

To Do list

By Angelika Hedley


Keep off the garden and grass as compressed soil will damage roots. 

Dried stems / flower heads give winter interest as well as seeds for birds. 



Bare-root plants


Roses from 1/3 to 1/2 in height

Plant Health 


Pick up all rose leaves to avoid black spot

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October Speaker

Randal Atkinson

West Coast Gardens


Heather Fayers

Randall Atkinson of West Coast Gardens spoke on the differences between spring and fall planters. 

South Delta Garden Club November 2017 SpeakerWith the former, allow for expected growth. With the latter, pack plants in or use moss or gravel to protect bare soil from winter rains and frost. 

Winter pansies do not grow much. They need to go in by September 24 no matter how beautiful the geraniums and marigolds. They need to establish deep roots before frost in order to keep flowering. Regular dilute fertilizing helps blooming as slow release fertilizer is impeded by the cold. 

Dont' drown your plants!

South Delta Garden Club November 2017 Winter PlanterRandall recommends a free draining 1 to 1 mix of Sunshine or Pro-Mix and Sea Soil for outdoor pots, not a planter box mix (unless under eaves). We get so much rain that summer soil mixes turn into frozen root destroying swamps. Remember to water sheltered pots every two weeks. 

Shop Early

Growers may only prepare one crop of a fall plant. Shop early for best selection and if you see a desirable plant, buy it. Others will like it too and once the shipment is gone, it is often not replaced. Pastel coloured pansies and violas, small potted grasses and asters fall into this category. With this in mind I intend to purchase a Wine and Roses dwarf rhododendron as soon as possible.

South Delta Garden Club November 2017 Speaker