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We meet monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in Ladner to hear invited speakers talk about a variety of topics that are of interest to gardeners in Ladner and Tsawwassen area.  Between the speaker and the general meeting there is time to socialize, discuss gardening questions and check out the raffle table and plants brought in by members to show us what is growing now.  Doors open at 7:00 pm.  Meeting begins at 7:30pm.

Other events include the spring plant sale, day tours, member's garden tours, summer picnic, show and share, raffles, door prize and year-end dinner.

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No meeting in July, Aug & Dec; Picnic in the summer and a couple of tours.  There will be a Christmas Party in December. Regular meetings with a Speaker all other months.

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Sept 20th - Speaker

Julia Common
Hives for Humanity
Guests Welcome

Julia will talk about the Hives for Humanity Foundation program that she and her daughter Sarah have developed in Vancouver's DTES.  She will tell us of how she got involved and the hurtles she had to over come and the misconceptions.

Then she will speak specifically to the Pollinator Corridors Initiative that the foundation is working on with other stakeholders. 

Julia is a very interesting and entertaining speaker.  Her story will open your eyes to how much Bee Keeping has made such a difference to people's lives.

If we are lucky, she will have some honey from her bees for sale!

Website:  hivesforhumanity.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/hives4humanity
Article from Gazette: hives-for-humanity-building-community-with-bees

General Gardening

by Laurie

Avocado - Is this plant Waterwise?

Everyone is talking about the water shortage and looking at different ways to save water.  But are we looking at the produce we eat to see which ones use more water than other plants?  

I just read an article in the Canadian version of Reader’s digest for the Dec 2015 issue.  See the article called ‘The Cost of GREEN GOLD’ by Adam Sternbergh.  Did you know that to grow a kg of Avocados it takes approx 72 gallons of water?  But only 9 gallons is needed for a kg of tomatoes!  Tomatoes can be grown almost anywhere but Avocados are grown in California and Mexico where water needs to be trucked in.  80% of the Avocados gown in the US come from California.  Hmm, so California has a huge water shortage issue but is growing produce which requires so much water...  Same for Mexico.  Does that make sense?  

The consumption of Avocados in the states in 1999 was under 1 kg per capita, but in 2014 it has risen to almost 3 kg per capita!

In Mexico, the Avocado industry is so big that it is being used for money laundering, extortion, etc.

Another tidbit is apparently the Avocado pit is slightly toxic choking hazard.  South Americans used to ground it up to use in a rat poison recipe.  Okay, so where are we disposing the pits?

I don't want to put down the Avocado as I have just recently acquired a taste for it and it is so good for us, but now that so many people are eating Avocados it sounds like it is putting a strain on our water.

In general, this article has made me think about how much water other plants need.  How about you?

By the way, I understand that our water restrictions may start 2 weeks early this year.  How is California and Mexico going to deal with this?


cabbage image

Educational Classes - Not currently Scheduled

In previous years we have offered garden design, putting your garden to bed, and 3 part series for beginning gardeners.

If you are interested in any of these, request to repeat through the FVRL Ladner or Tsawwassen librarian or talk to Angelika Hedley at the club.

Courses that were presented in 2015
Ladner Pioneer Library (FVRL)

Are you a wannabe gardener? Do you look at your yard and wish you had a garden somewhere out there? Or have you moved into an existing garden and don't know where to begin?

The South Delta Garden Club is repeating its popular three-week series of classes to get you on the road to gardening.

This three-week introduction is designed into gardening easier. You will learn how to design a master site plan; handle problem areas specific to where you live in Delta; identify plants to suit your design and site; and how to get started without breaking your back or your budget.

Join us for some free information sessions

Wed Sept 9 - Putting the Garden to Bed - Much of what we are shown for garden cleanup is unnecessary. Learn best practices along with labour and time-saving tips to maintain your garden from fall through to spring.  Check out the web page at FVRL link.

Wed Nov 5 & 12 - Garden Design Workshop - Want to plan a new or improve your existing garden, either large or small? This is an interactive workshop, 1 program spread over 2 sessions, suitable for non-gardeners as well as seasoned gardeners. Bring your questions and hopes, take home ideas and inspiration. Check out the web page at FVRL link

Doors open for questions at 6:30.
Sessions start at 7 pm and runs until 8:30 pm

There is no charge and no pre-registration.  Just show up!