Welcome To The South Delta Garden Club
Celebrating 65 Years in 2017

The South Delta Garden Club meets the third Tuesday* of the month in Ladner. Meetings include a guest speaker, show and share, door prize, raffles refreshments and the sharing of information in a positive social environment with local gardener enthusiasts. 

Club activities include day tours, visits to garden club members gardens, workshops, work parties and fund raising events to support community projects, a summer picnic and Christmas party. 

*No meeting in July, Aug & Dec.              Click  Find Us for location details.                                                                                    Check out our FaceBook Page for the latest news.

Oct 17th Speaker

Randal Atkinson

Westcoast Gardens 

Winter Container Design

Doors open at 7

Speaker begins at 7:30. 

Guests and New Members Welcome

Know as West Coast Garden Plant Expert Extraordinaire, Randal is our go-to person on all plant matters be it designing, selecting, growing or caring. 

Randal's expertise has been influenced by a life-long passion for plants. He has studied garden design and plan selection in gardens and nurseries throughout Canada, Europe and the US. 

He has a particular fondness for perennials, especially ornamental grasses and hosta and enjoys introducing West Coast Gardens customers to new plants for their gardens and containers. 

Even in winter, Randal knows that combining plants such as carex, ornamental grasses, heather, pansies and heuchera with twigs, berries and lights can make an exciting winter container garden. 

Gardening Stuff

October Gardening

To Do list

By Angelika Hedley


Bare earth yields weeds, soil erosion and dead bees. Let plants die naturally and rot in place, returning nutrients to soil and sheltering beneficial insects. 

Dried stems / flower heads give winter interest as well as seeds for birds. 


Indoor Herbs

Bulbs in-ground and for forcing

Evergreens, shrubs, trees, rhubarb

Seed lawn up until the 10th

Divide peonies


Take geranium cuttings

Summer flower wood

Plant Health 

Fertilizer fall bloomers 

Dig and store tubers and corms

Pick up all rose leaves to avoid black spot

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Garden Tour 2017

A Review of Thelma's Garden 

Garden #7 


Heather Fayers

There is no clash of colour in nature asserts the owner of this wonderful garden.She frames her colourful creation with an immaculately trimmed hedge and lawn. 

Wonderful vignettes abound: a welcoming front bed; a secluded sitting area; a pond. All are comprised of a choice specimen surrounded by colour. 

Everyday, from 4 to 7 hours are spent in dead heading, trimming, watering and weeding. It shows as all plants are kept in proportion.

Summer stalwarts like fibrous begonias, zonal geraniums and lobelia are backed by gaura, phlox, anemone and solidago. Her regular attention keeps these vigorous perennials blooming within bounds. Even the obedient plant toes the line.

New plants are introduced to the scheme in pots so she can learn their growth habits and requirements before planting them directly. Three kinds of show stopping amaranthus are grown from saved seed every year. 

Other annuals, like gazanias and anemone flowered portulaca are purchased as small starts in flats from local nurseries. Thelma acknowledges that her spring plant budget might be high, but the satisfaction derived from her hobby is immeasurable.