The South Delta Garden Club

since 1952     

The South Delta Garden Club meets the third Tuesday* of the month in Ladner. Meetings feature knowledgeable guest speakers, show and share, door prize, raffles, refreshments and the sharing of information in a positive social environment with local gardening enthusiasts. 

Club activities include day tours, visits to garden club members' gardens, workshops, work parties and fund raising events to support community projects, a summer picnic and Christmas party.

*No meeting in July, Aug & Dec.  Click  Find Us for location details

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Membership $20 / year, Guests $5 (can be applied to membership)

Oct 15th Speaker

Thomas Hobbs 

English Gardens

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Speaker begins at 7:30 pm

A lifelong interest in plants led Tom first into floristry, then into the nursery business when he and partner Brent Beattie acquired Southlands Nursery in 1991.Together, they transformed Southlands into a ‘retail fantasy’ of curated plants and garden accessories. ‘Shocking Beauty’, Tom’s first book, was published in 1999, and his second book ‘The Jewel Box Garden’ followed in 2004. Together the publications have sold over 50,000 copies.

Tom’s home garden and much-published Mediterranean-style house was sold in 2008 when he and Brent bought a very modern condo overlooking Van Dusen Gardens in Vancouver and a twenty-acre spread in Langley, B.C. According to Tom, ‘Bel’Occhio’ farm, whose namesake means ‘beautiful eye’ in Italian is the perfect moniker for the groomed bucolic setting. Tom still heads into work every day and can be described as both a workaholic and a plantaholic. Tom’s work, his previous home and current farm have all been featured in popular style magazines including Canadian House & Home, Martha Stewart Living, and Traditional Home, among others.

Much admired for his plant knowledge and trendsetting garden design Thomas Hobbs also delights audiences with his humorous presentation style and gardening adventures. The former Kerrisdale florist and current co-owner of Vancouver’s Southlands Nursery is on a tear. He has recently returned from Britain where he led a private tour group through English gardens.

Hobbs and partner Brent Beattie have been serving Vancouver gardeners at Southlands for 28 years. Sourcing plants and garden antiques and accessories around Great Britain and the US has always been a part of their business. More recently, private tours have added a new twist to Hobbs’ travels. 

Hobbs will talk about his visit in 2018 to both private and public English gardens and discuss new style and plant trends relevant for Canadian gardeners.  Attendees will be interested to learn if he is planning another garden tour to Great Britain in the months ahead.

Gardening Stuff

The Bees Need Your Help!!

Neonicotinoid pesticides are slowly killing bees. 75% of the world's honey is now contaminated with bee-killing pesticides.

Please educate yourself and make sure you are not part of the problem.

More Info

Save the bees

Oct Gardening

To Do list

By Angelika Hedley


Bare earth yields weeds, soil erosion, dead bees. Let plants die naturally and rot in place, returning nutrients to soil and sheltering beneficial insects. Dried stems/flower heads give winter interest as well as seeds for birds.


- Indoor herbs

- Bulbs, ground & forcing

- Evergreens, shrubs, trees, rhubarb

- Lawn seed until 10th

- Divide peonies


- Take geranium cuttings

- Summer flowering wood

Plant Health

- Feed: fall bloomers

- Dig, store tubers, corms

- Leave dying plants as mulch EXCEPT

- Roses: Pick up all leaves (black spot)

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Sept Speaker Recap

Brian Minter

Food Gardening

by Heather Fayers

Brian Minter attracted many members and guests to our first fall meeting. His enthusiastic summary of new and improved food garden plants and shrubs was, as always with Brian, delivered at breakneck speed. Some highlights follow: 

Plants, like hardy olives which grow in Northern Germany, are not yet available here, but are coming. Goji berries need male and female for pollination and their roots spread like the Brazel berry raspberries. Keep roots contained. Lignonberries are beautiful shrubs with edible fruit, as are haskap berries, which ripen before strawberries in spring.

Do not be afraid to “terraform” your garden if raised beds are needed to promote good drainage. Use your front yard and be artistic. A raised bed can be bordered with attractive material and need not be square. Always seek as much sun as possible for fruit and vegetable production. Pick varieties that mature quickly in our cooler, coastal climate. 

Do not be afraid to try new shapes, like cylindrical beets, or colours, like purple carrots and tomatoes for nutrition. Bay trees, herbs, fruit trees and vines can be pruned and restricted along a fence or wire form to create attractive hedges and borders which enhance the smaller garden. Fruit trees and shrubs are often the most rewarding plants to grow in a smaller garden.

Keep an open mind, have fun and try a new thing or two, every growing season. Your suburban garden can be so much more than grass and boxwood.

Club members, see your News in Bloom monthly newsletter for more.