South Delta Garden Club
The South Delta Garden Club
since 1952

The South Delta Garden Club meets the third Tuesday* of the month in Ladner. Meetings include a guest speaker, show and share, door prize, raffles, refreshments and the sharing of information in a positive social environment with local gardener enthusiasts. 

Club activities include day tours, visits to garden club members gardens, workshops, work parties and fund raising events to support community projects, a summer picnic and Christmas party.

*No meeting in July, Aug & Dec.  Click  Find Us for location details

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Membership $20 / year - Guests $5 (can be applied to membership)

June 19th Speaker

Chris Janko

Gardening Dangerously

Cultivating Carnivorous Plants

Doors open at 7:00 pm

Speaker begins at 7:30 pm

Chris Janko will guide you through the perils of GARDENING DANGEROUSLY:  Mastering growing carnivorous plants and other botanical bad-boys.  

Discover plants of religious influence and other plants that could… be your last….!  

Chris has been featured on CTV Live, Global News, presented at many BC Garden Clubs and Garden Centres, at the BC Home + Garden Show, and he has been in the Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, and Montreal Gazette, in Steve Whysall's gardening column and blog.  

Chris is from Morgan Creek Tropicals, growers for Ikea and other fine garden centres in Canada. 

You can follow him on Instagram @greenmangardens or on his blog

Gardening Stuff

The Bees Need Your Help!!

Neonicotinoid pesticides are slowly killing bees. 75% of the world's honey is now contaminated with bee-killing pesticides.

Please educate yourself and make sure you are not part of the problem.

More Info

Save the bees

June Gardening

To Do list

By Angelika Hedley

General - Deadhead, water, allow biological controls to grow/live in garden

Plant - Container plants

- Stake floppy plants

- Divide iris, spring perennials

Prune - Spring bloomers - cut off dead foliage, seedpods

- Thin tree fruits, grapes

Plant Health - Fish fertilizer on container plants

- Black spot - spray with skim milk mixture

- Water as needed, deeply but not too often

- Mulch, top dress to suppress weeds

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March Meeting Recap

Tammyanne Matthews

Creative Containers


Heather Fayers

No need for a garden tour, thanks to Tammyanne Matthews presentation of her creations for Vancouver’s wealthy gardeners who have no time to select pots, planters and plants. 

A few of her excellent tips are:

Let the location, architecture, paving material and purpose guide your selection of permanent planters.

Tammyanne Matthews

When planting up, remember the rule of thirds and install good watering and drainage systems to avoid premature death to your creations.

Good loose potting soil (Sunshine #4) and slow release fertilizer (Osmocote 14-14-14) are recommended for maintaining good flower production. 

Dead head regularly and consider night lighting to extend the time to appreciate the beauty you created. 

Who knew that modern CorTen steel planters and classic olive jars and urns were available in Vancouver; or that pots left in the ocean for a year could be so beautiful! 

Forget the budget! Celebrate the possibilities! 

 Heather Fayers.